Agios Nikolaos Lasithiou Crete Greece

4 Things To Watch Out For In Crete

Some travel tips for the beautiful island of Crete.

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Not all those who wander are lost

“Not all those who wander are lost” – Tolkien

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10 Carribean Islands You’ve Never Heard of and Need to Visit

10 Carribean Islands You’ve Never Heard of and Need to Visit

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Veli Tourist Village

Beautiful Picnic Locations Of Kerala

One of the sought after destinations of India or Asia, Kerala proudly owns many destinations which allure tourists to the evergreen state

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Sydney Harbour Bridge by Jimmy Harris on Flickr

10 Fun Family Things to Do in Sydney

Sydney is arguably Australia’s most intriguing, cosmopolitan city. From the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to the less-discovered Manly Waterworks, here are 10 fun family things to do in this lovely Australian city.

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Photo by Prasad Kholkute on Flickr

Studying Abroad? How to Beat Homesickness and Be Happy Overseas

If you have the fantastic opportunity to study abroad as you finish classes, don’t waste a minute of it being homesick. If you miss your friends and family back home, it’s normal, but there are things you an do to ensure you feel close to them as you focus on your studies and enjoy learning about a new place and culture.

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Koala by chem7 on Flickr

10 Fun Family Things To Do in Brisbane

Brisbane is a pretty city with a lot of fun activities to enjoy. Here are 10 of our very favorite things to do in this Australian city.

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Harlequin Bug by James Niland on Flickr

Australia’s Amazing Insects in Photos

Australia is known for it’s gorgeous beaches, the expansive outback, and warm people. But even more than that, Australia’s also known for some of the weirdest insects out there. And yes, a spider isn’t technically an insect… but ewww… it was so creepy we just had to include the photo.

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12 Free Must Have iPhone Travel Apps for the Technically Challenged

12 Free iPhone Travel Apps for the Technically Challenged

Back in the day, it seemed all you needed to get out and explore the world was a tattered Lonely Planet Guidebook and a backpack. Today, most travelers have replaced their paper guidebooks with an iPhone or Android phone. While some of us may secretly pine for simpler times, it’s a fact that smart phone […]

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Uluru by Cornelia Kopp on Flickr

10 Cool Facts About Australia You Might Not Know

Australia as a country has a lot going for it. Not only is it the only country that’s also a continent, it’s also a land full of riches and oddities. From it’s myriad of beaches to it’s vast outback desert, there’s a lot going on in Australia. Here are ten fun facts about Australia that you probably don’t know.

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Charter Towers and the Outback

Charters Towers is a small, nostalgic town, which was the center of gold mining activity over a century ago. Its architecture still reflects the region’s bygone era. Along with Bowen, which is where the first English settlement in the region was established; and Ravenswood, which is also a gold mining town; it features museums with […]

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