Swimming at Riverway Lagoons

If you want to beat the heat in Townsville and don’t feel like heading to the beach, nothing will cool you off faster than heading to Riverway Lagoons. This great collection of free swimming pools along the Ross River make a great day out with the family or as a way to enjoy a nice water workout in the dedicated swim lanes.

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Things To Do

Townsville Palmentum & The Flinders Mall

The Townsville Palmentum is located at Aitkenvale. The Palmentum has a vast array of palms and a visit through the scenic rainforest is highly rewarding. Townsville also boasts of an incredible city life. Tropical Flinders Mall is just one of the major shopping centers providing good budget and general stores, as well as stores offering […]

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The Strand Waterfront

The Strand is Townsville’s seaside concourse. Newly refurbished, it now features a wide array of attractions such as the beachfront, where tourists can dine in any of the restaurants amidst an ambiance of grass, trees, and the coast of Cleveland Bay.

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Museum of Tropical Queensland

An entirely different kind of museum is the Museum of Tropical Queensland, which feature ancient marine artifacts, including fossils and extinct wildlife.

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Townsville Accommodation

Accommodation in and around Townsville is as vast and diverse as the region. With hundreds of motels and resorts to choose from you can find the best places for your stay and holiday budget expectations. We are determined to ensure the comfort of your accommodation in Townsville.

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