Swimming at Riverway Lagoons

If you want to beat the heat in Townsville and don’t feel like heading to the beach, nothing will cool you off faster than heading to Riverway Lagoons. This great collection of free swimming pools along the Ross River make a great day out with the family or as a way to enjoy a nice water workout in the dedicated swim lanes.

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Castle Hill in Central Townsville

Castle Hill

Whether you love the outdoors or you love getting into shape, tackling Castle Hill will give you one of the best views of the city and nearby Magnetic Islands. This large, pink granite monolith is viewable from everywhere in the city and is one of Townville’s best known landmarks.

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Photo: Turtle on Onda Beach

Turtle on Onda beach Orin Zebest

It’s beach side location means that Townsville is home to many sea creatures, including turtles. The ReefHQ Aquarium is a great place to see many of them.


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Mount Stuart Lookout

Mount Stuart

West of Townsville and just off of Flinders Highway (Stuart Drive) lies Mount Stuart. The picturesque 9 kilometer winding drive up the rugged mountainside is a local favorite and you’ll find runners, bicyclists and hikers making their way to the summit year round.

At the Rotary Lookout, there’s a nice picnic area with bbq’s overlooking Townsville, Cleveland Bay and the Magnetic Islands…

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6 Great Australian Island Getaways

Koala on Magnetic Island by Teddy Fotiou on Flickr

When it comes to islands, Australia has you covered.

There are hundreds of places along the 25,000+ kilometers of Australian coastline where you can jump on a rig, catamaran or a sailboat and see the over 8000 islands that circle the giant island of Australia. From simple day trips to week long diving excursions there are vessels for every budget and an island for every taste. If you want to see an island in your own vehicle, there’s also ferry service to many of the bigger islands.

With that, here are six great Australian islands to visit the next time you’re down under.

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8 Quick Tips For Caravanning Through Europe

Each day, thousands of caravan enthusiasts can be found travelling around Europe. Whether it’s only for a weekend or part of an elaborate 3 month trip, there are a few things you need to know before heading out…

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Photo Friday: The Townsville Strand In The Sun

The Townsville Strand by John Skewes

The Townsville Strand stretches for 2.2 km along Townsville’s waterfront. It’s a great place to spend some outdoor time at the open air cafes, playgrounds, basketball courts and waterpark. With around 300 days of sunshine each year, you’ll see a lot of folks out and about on the strand almost every day of the year. […]

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The Great Barrier Reef and the Reef HQ

The Great Barrier Reef stretches over 1,240 miles from a little to the south of Lady Elliot Island to just above Cape York. It protects the Queensland Coast from the intense pacific surf. The Reef provides a safe haven for countless species of marine life, including fish and corals. More exotic species like the green […]

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