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4 Things To Watch Out For In Crete

When you are in the planning stages of your trip to Crete, there are a variety of concerns that need to be addressed beforehand. While Greece is a beautiful country, there are a number of tips and warnings that tourists will need to heed in order to maximize their vacation enjoyment. Keep reading to learn more:

1. Driving Differences

For those who wish to rent a vehicle while in Crete, it is important to know the main driving differences. First of all, there is a speed limit. Second of all, there are often no posted signs anywhere that indicate what that speed limit is. Keeping up with traffic is your best bet, whether you’re in a small car or bigger caravan. Road work could pop up at any time and there might be bumps on the road. Bear all of this in mind when you decide to go for a drive.

2. Strong Winds

If you are not careful while in Crete, you could lose items that you hold dear to their powerful winds. Some even say that cars that are parked too close to the sea have been blown into the waters and those who wish to head to the mountains to take photographs are especially susceptible to their whims. Whether or not that’s fully true, be careful when you step out to snap your pictures!

3. Plumbing Issues

Most people are accustomed to flushing their toilet paper whenever they use the restroom, but different rules apply when in Crete. The Greek plumbing system has not been constructed to handle mass amounts of waste, so visitors are often advised to put their waste paper in the bins that are provided. The newer toilets work normally, but remember to do as the sign says whenever you see one – failure to do so could result in a stoppage of your toilet and an unwanted visit from the remnants of past bathroom trips.

4. Pedestrian Pitfalls

Walking around Crete can be a blast, but tourists should beware of drivers at all times. There may be people driving who are not looking out for pedestrians and have very little patience for those who are in their way, so just strive to stay vigilant at all times. Pedestrian crossings might take a little longer to clear, but remain calm and enjoy your trip. Better safe than sorry!

First, featured photo by Oliver Clarke.


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