Castle Hill

Castle Hill in Central Townsville

Whether you love the outdoors or you love getting into shape, tackling Castle Hill will give you one of the best views of the city and nearby Magnetic Islands. This large, pink granite monolith is viewable from everywhere in the city and is one of Townville’s best known landmarks.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill via Flickr

Most visitors choose to drive up the hill and walk the 360° circular track, however locals enjoy hiking up the steep and popular goat trail for a little more exercise. Some even choose to run up the stepped track for a quick workout.

With walks via the rough goat trail taking on average 20 to 30 minutes to reach the summit, you can choose to bike or walk up along the paved 2.6 km winding road if you want to go at a more leisurely pace.

At the summit, in the center of the car park, is a monument to the city’s founding father, Capt. Robert Towns who the city is named after. On the northern most peak there’s still a 1942 World War II concrete bunker observation post for those with an inclination toward history.

Flora and Fauna

Peregrine Falcons and Brahminy Kites nest on the hill and rock wallabies can also be found here as well as other indigenous species. The vegetation around Castle Hill has been actively protected since the 1930’s and is still an ongoing concern for local nature enthusiasts.


Washrooms and water fountains can both be found near the car park at the top however there are no other amenities. It’s strongly suggested to bring a water bottle if you are planning on walking up the hill and to avoid going during the heat of the day.

Castle Hill Carpark

Castle Hill Carpark via Flickr

To get to Castle Hill

By car: From The Strand, head Southwest down Gregory Street until you see Stanley Street W. on your right. Stanley Street turns into Castle Hill Road so just follow the narrow road to the summit. There is a car park and turnaround at the top however parking is usually limited so choose your arrival time carefully to guarantee a parking spot.

By foot: If you want to hike the goat track, take the pathway off of Hillside Crescent. The ground is a little uneven and there are numerous stairs so make sure you’re wearing decent footwear.

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