Townsville Palmentum & The Flinders Mall

The Townsville Palmentum is located at Aitkenvale. The Palmentum has a vast array of palms and a visit through the scenic rainforest is highly rewarding. Townsville also boasts of an incredible city life.

Tropical Flinders Mall is just one of the major shopping centers providing good budget and general stores, as well as stores offering specialty items, restaurants, and shops promoting the city’s tourism. The mall is situated within restored buildings built in Townsville’s historical period, which gives the modern day attraction a quaint charm.

The Tropical Flinders mall takes on another appearance during Sundays, when it changes into a bustling street market, called “Cotters Markets.” Here, stores begin selling North Queensland’s native wares exclusively. Every week, markets are also opened at the Townsville Showgrounds and the Willows Complex in the neighboring city of Thuringowa.

Picturesque Townsville is the perfect mixture of the natural and man-made wonders. The blending of verdant forests and vast savannah lands provide a colorful portrait of Townsville’s natural environment. The Great Barrier Reef and the Reef Islands Resorts showcase diverse natural species.

The Reef HQ as well as the restored ancient buildings provides a view of intriguing man-made structures. The Strand and Flinders Mall provide modern day luxuries. Clearly, Townsville has it all. What better place is there to spend the holidays? Some other places in Queensland are Hervey Bay or up in North QLD they have some great places to stay also.

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