Swimming at Riverway Lagoons

If you want to beat the heat in Townsville and don’t feel like heading to the beach, nothing will cool you off faster than heading to Riverway Lagoons. This great collection of free swimming pools along the Ross River make a great day out with the family or as a way to enjoy a nice water workout in the dedicated swim lanes.

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Photo: Castle Hill Summit in Townsville Oz

Castle Hill Summit in Townsville Oz

Castle Hill Summit gets a lot of love on TripAdvisor and other sites from visitors to Townsville. It’s a beautiful view, and we thought you’d enjoy a little peek.

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Photo: Veggies at the Farmer’s Market

Fresh Veggies at the Farmers Market in Townsville Australia

We talk a lot here at Townsville Holidays about the beautiful attractions like Magnetic Island and the interesting local wildlife, but we realized today that we’d been ignoring one important part of living in gorgeous, tropical Townsville: The abundance of fresh fruit and veggies available virtually year round.

So, in honour of all that is fresh and delicious here in sunny Oz, we have a photo just popping with veggie color and taste.

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