The Best Eats in Orlando for the Hungry Traveller

Onion tart by Kirsten Loza on Flickr

Orlando is a city with a wide range of culinary influences and this can be appreciated in the many fine restaurants throughout the city. While some great restaurants are in the city itself, others are further out, so arranging your own travel is recommended, such as car hire from Orlando Airport. But however you get there and whatever your choice of menu, here are five Orlando restaurants you may want to consider while on your travels.

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6 Great Australian Island Getaways

Koala on Magnetic Island by Teddy Fotiou on Flickr

When it comes to islands, Australia has you covered.

There are hundreds of places along the 25,000+ kilometers of Australian coastline where you can jump on a rig, catamaran or a sailboat and see the over 8000 islands that circle the giant island of Australia. From simple day trips to week long diving excursions there are vessels for every budget and an island for every taste. If you want to see an island in your own vehicle, there’s also ferry service to many of the bigger islands.

With that, here are six great Australian islands to visit the next time you’re down under.

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How to find the best of Stag Party Packages

Beer Bike by FaceMePLS on Flickr

If you’re asked to organise your friend’s stag do, then it is a huge honour and a big responsibility. Thankfully, there are plenty of brilliant packages to make the experience easy.

Organising a stag break should be fun, but it can also be quite difficult in terms of logistics and the amount of work involved.

Packages, however, can make the whole experience easier. Each is tried and tested, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with a professional events and booking agency. Alternatively, you can have the fun of piecing together your own bespoke event, which is tailored entirely to the groom’s tastes.

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PHOTO: Walking on the Beach at Cape Hillsborough National Park

Cape Hillsborough National Park by Rob and Stephanie Levy on Flickr

About a four hour’s drive from Townsville, Cape Hillsborough National Park is a ruggedly beautiful place. The park’s famous for its gorgeous natural rocky beaches, and is a great place to get back in touch with nature. Photo by Rob and Stephanie Levy on Flickr.

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PHOTO: Croc at the Billabong Sanctuary

Croc at the Billabong Sanctuary. Photo by Dan on Flickr

You can find cute, koalas, kangaroos and all sorts of other wildlife at Townsville’s Billabong Sanctuary. Photo by Dan on Flickr.

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Travel Solo – But Not Alone

The Open Highway by by Nicholas_T on Flickr

Travelling solo can be bliss.

You get to see what you want, when you want and the way you want. You can eat wherever you fancy, dress like you see fit and either stay locked up in your hotel room or meander at midnight. Travelling solo is the ultimate freedom you can have to explore unknown terrain, grow as an individual and have delightful memories of trips you can cherish for life. We completely recommend travelling solo!

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