Photo: The Townsville Strand at Night

Townsville Strand at Night by Rob Bruce on Flickr

Photo by Rob Bruce on Flickr.

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Photo: Sunset on Horseshoe Bay Magnetic Island

Sunset on Horseshoe Bay Magnetic Island by Rob & Jules on Flickr

Today’s photo is a sunset pic of sunset on Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island. Check out some of our other great photos of Townsville. Photo by  by Rob & Jules on Flickr.

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Mount Stuart Lookout

Mount Stuart

West of Townsville and just off of Flinders Highway (Stuart Drive) lies Mount Stuart. The picturesque 9 kilometer winding drive up the rugged mountainside is a local favorite and you’ll find runners, bicyclists and hikers making their way to the summit year round.

At the Rotary Lookout, there’s a nice picnic area with bbq’s overlooking Townsville, Cleveland Bay and the Magnetic Islands…

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Chicago – Sport Vacation Mecca


The city of Chicago is known for many things, however it’s famous name is often followed by Bulls, Bears, Black Hawks, Fire, Cubs or the White Sox.

If you’re thinking of taking a sports vacation, Chicago, might just be one of the best cities to take in a game. With seven professional sport teams, no matter which American sport you follow, Chicago has you covered.

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