Day-to-Day Life In Iran: Struggles and Triumphs

Khezr Beach Hormoz Island Persian Gulf Iran Hamed Saber

Iranians, like people all over the world, face both struggles and triumphs in everyday life. However, life in Iran is complicated by the global ideological battle between Western and non-Western interests with Iran and other Middle Eastern the focal points for global policy and security measures.

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Enjoy The Arley Garden Festival

Summer in Britain is bright and beautiful. There is hardly anything that captures this brightness than the vibrant flowers all around. No wonder Britain sees so many flower shows all across the country that is hugely popular among the locals and the tourists alike. If you are fascinated by these events you cannot afford to miss the Arley Garden Festival.

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Friday Photos: The Australian Kookaburra + Video


Ah, the great Australia Kookabura.

Until you’ve heard one of these birds sing in person, it’s hard to imagine the sound they make.

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