Castle Hill in Central Townsville

Castle Hill

Whether you love the outdoors or you love getting into shape, tackling Castle Hill will give you one of the best views of the city and nearby Magnetic Islands. This large, pink granite monolith is viewable from everywhere in the city and is one of Townville’s best known landmarks.

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Australia’s Amazing Insects in Photos

Harlequin Bug by James Niland on Flickr

Australia is known for it’s gorgeous beaches, the expansive outback, and warm people. But even more than that, Australia’s also known for some of the weirdest insects out there. And yes, a spider isn’t technically an insect… but ewww… it was so creepy we just had to include the photo.

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Some Helpful Tips for Managing Money When You’re Overseas

Whether you’re studying overseas, retiring abroad or just planning an extended vacation, there are a lot of challenges you’ll have to face as you travel.

Most people focus on the positives like embracing a different culture, seeing the sights and meeting new people however there can be a few negative points as well.

With that in mind, here are some ideas to help make managing money when you’re overseas just that much easier so you can focus more of your time on the positives and enjoy your travels.

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12 Free iPhone Travel Apps for the Technically Challenged

12 Free Must Have iPhone Travel Apps for the Technically Challenged

Back in the day, it seemed all you needed to get out and explore the world was a tattered Lonely Planet Guidebook and a backpack. Today, most travelers have replaced their paper guidebooks with an iPhone or Android phone. While some of us may secretly pine for simpler times, it’s a fact that smart phone […]

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Photo: Turtle on Onda Beach

Turtle on Onda beach Orin Zebest

It’s beach side location means that Townsville is home to many sea creatures, including turtles. The ReefHQ Aquarium is a great place to see many of them.


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