10 Carribean Islands You’ve Never Heard of and Need to Visit

I have heard of the Caribbean Islands, and while I have never been to any, my twin sister has been to Anguilla. She is a lucky gal, and I am incredibly jealous that she traveled to the Caribbean and lived the island life, even if it was only for a week. This sure sounds better than sitting on the couch watching TV, which is what I did.

A lot of the islands that I looked into, and I looked at the entire list of islands in the Caribbean, were privately owned islands or islands once privately owned and now for sale. So cool, and for the measly price of around 15 million you could have yourself an island!

This is a list of ten islands in the Caribbean I have never heard of (although there are many more I have yet to hear of) and would love to go visit. Maybe some of you will beat me to it and all the power to you! Do it!

1. Carriacou (Grenada)

Carriacou is largely undeveloped and for the outdoor loving people out there, this sounds wonderful to me. Exploring the mountainous, wooded areas, coming back to relax on the beach, looking out over the pristine, crystal clear water is an unforgettable experience. Jump into the calm water and snorkel around with the fish.

2. Lime Cay (Jamaica)

Lime Cay has no residents but is a great getaway. The beaches are sparsely visited on most days so feel free to get your skinny dip on, but Lime Cay does have plenty of visitors on Sunday (so do NOT get your skinny dip on). Snorkeling is a favorite activity at Lime Cay, and the area is perfect for seeing lots of underwater life.

3. Anegada (British Virgin Islands)

Anegada is a coral island surrounded by extensive coral reefs. The coral reefs give an abundance of nooks and crannies to explore during scuba diving.

4. Vieques (Puerto Rico)

The coolest thing I found out about Vieques, besides its old use as being a U.S. Navy Testing Ground, was its popularity for bio-luminescence. If you do not know what bio-luminescence is the emission of micro-organisms in the water at night. It is truly a spectacular thing even to look at in pictures. I encourage you to look it up and hopefully find it as exciting as I do!

5. Buck Island (Virgin Islands)

Buck Island is a part of the National Park system in the United States and is a National Monument. The pictures of the coral reef that surrounds the island is extremely picturesque, and the activities offered from the park help make Buck Island a great destination for anyone.

6. Saba (Netherlands)

Saba is a volcano that pokes out of the ocean. Do not fear though, it is dormant. There is no need to worry about any eruptions happening while you are on vacation! It is right next to St. Maarten which is a much more well-known destination. Go to Saba instead and check out a place many people have not been to!

7. Andros (Bahamas)

Andros is quite a large island, and yet it is the least populated out of the Bahamian Islands. Besides scuba diving, fishing is also an activity to capture your attention. Go fishing’ and you are sure to find something on your hook!

8. Providencia Island (Colombia)

This is probably the best place to get out and explore. There are a few hotels here and there and places to stay, but overall this island does not have much on it. The diversity of animal life on the island and in the water surrounding it is protected and, therefore, is abundant.

9. Bocas del Toro (Panama)

This is, in fact, a grouping of islands, but they are also undeveloped like some of the other islands mentioned. There are some places to stay for tourists, but do not expect too much. Expect more out of the natural beauty of where you are staying and not the man-made features!

10. Isla de la Juventud (Cuba) (in English– Isle of Youth)

Treasure Island and Peter Pan were based on accounts from this island. Maybe you should travel there and go treasure hunting!

I wish I had done this sooner, but all this search did was excite my curiosity for travel and continue to make me more jealous of people who are traveling the world. It was much fun to explore the little-known islands of the Caribbean. Get out there and make your adventure. Help makes these unknown places more known for the travelers like you and Me.

Pack your bags and pick one of these ten destinations and go.


Taylor Thomas has researched many fantastic vacation destinations, compiling a list of places she longed to visit as soon as she saves up enough, working towards that dream by running her own small business after getting her MBA at University of Florida School of Business. To boost sales, and help others live the dream, she recommends sweetening the deal with travel incentives, such as those offered by Get Up and Go!

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