10 Cool Facts About Australia You Might Not Know

Uluru by Cornelia Kopp on Flickr
Australia as a country has a lot going for it. Not only is it the only country that’s also a continent, it’s also a land full of riches and oddities. From it’s myriad of beaches to it’s vast outback desert, there’s a lot going on in Australia. Here are ten fun facts about Australia that you probably don’t know.

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Charter Towers and the Outback

Charters Towers is a small, nostalgic town, which was the center of gold mining activity over a century ago. Its architecture still reflects the region’s bygone era. Along with Bowen, which is where the first English settlement in the region was established; and Ravenswood, which is also a gold mining town; it features museums with […]

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Townsville, the Capital of Northern Queensland

Townsville Sunset

Townsville is Australia’s largest tropical city with a population of 196,000 and one of the highest residential growth rates in Australia. The city is the capital of a vast resource rich region in the north of Queensland. It is located on the beautiful Great Barrier Reef coast, on the doorstep of tropical rainforests and the gateway […]

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Airlie Beach Islands

The Parish of Airlie lies about 30 kilometres to the west of Montrose, and it is possible Shepherd had some association with that area and was influenced by memories of it. During 1935 it was rumoured in the press (Proserpine Guardian 8 June 1935) that the Earl of Airlie was to succeed Sir Isaac Isaacs […]

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The Resort Islands

Twilight beach picture of Horseshoe Bay

Dunk, Magnetic, Orpheus, Hinchinbrook and Bedarra islands are located just off Townsville, South of Mission Beach. Although they are all distinctly charming and fascinating in their own way, Magnetic Island has become the most famous of the lot.

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Ayr and Home Hill

These so-called twin towns are situated eleven kilometers apart and are largely sugar industry dependent. Among the sites here is the Burdekin Bridge or the Silver Link. It is 1097 meters long and is of quite a distinct construction because the river bed actually lacks a river solid bottom.

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