Twilight beach picture of Horseshoe Bay

The Resort Islands

Dunk, Magnetic, Orpheus, Hinchinbrook and Bedarra islands are located just off Townsville, South of Mission Beach. Although they are all distinctly charming and fascinating in their own way, Magnetic Island has become the most famous of the lot.

Magnetic Island, a suburb of Townsville, is only 20 minutes away by fast catamaran and is home to 2300 of the city’s residents. The island has many beautiful bays and national park areas..

Warm sunny weather is one of Townville’s greatest assets, with more sunshine hours than any other North Queensland coastal centre.

Resting among the mostly uninhabited Barrier Reef Islands, Magnetic Island stands out with its population of over 2000 people, offering an impressive variety of facilities to accommodate visitors. The combination of tourist-friendly accommodations and the rich natural appeal makes it an ideal getaway for nature trippers and tourists. Activities in this island include horse riding along the beach, Harley tours, snorkeling, trips exploring the reef and fishing.


Photo credit – Steve Davidson

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