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Experience luxurious but affordable living, only in a Hong Kong serviced apartment

Staying in a hotel will certainly provide an invigorating experience. You can stay indoors and just watch your favorite cable show, or even go for a quick lap at the outdoor pool. But while this can be a great lodging option, the prices of hotels per night can also be heavy on the wallet (especially if you’re staying for more than a few weeks or so). So where can you find a great alternative to expensive hotel stays? Well, you can always stay in any of the serviced apartments in Hong Kong. The city itself hosts plenty of temporary housing options that provide ideal home arrangements and more.

Why you will like staying in a managed flat in Hong Kong

Managed flats already come as fully furnished and fully serviced units (typically presented with more space to go around). It’s pretty much like a traditional hotel room, but is only offered at a more inexpensive value.

Now, a serviced flat comes with a bedroom that is often furnished with all the necessities that you can find in a sleeping chamber. You can definitely look forward to having your very own private bathroom too, where hot showers or warm bath soaks will rinse all the weariness from your body. It’s just one of the many features that managed apartments provide their residents to ensure all visitors will have a comfortable and relaxing retreat during their stay.

If you choose to stay in a serviced apartment then you can expect your own kitchen, allowing you to cook up a storm just like you would in your own home. You can be sure that if there’s one facility in the living space that hotel rooms don’t usually offer, it would have to be the inclusion of a fully equipped cooking facility (usually comes with a ready set of professional kitchenware and cookware). Most serviced flats already offer units that have kitchenettes in them. It’s an area of the apartment that will allow you to budget daily food costs, while cooking up freshly made meals everyday. It’s definitely a cost-effective housing solution.

Reasons that will hook you into residing in a managed apartment

Now that you’ve gotten a clear visual of what the rooms look like in a managed apartment, then you’ll definitely enjoy the other perks of residing in one. Just take for example any of the V serviced apartments in Hong Kong. Most of their flats already provide several conveniences that are already on par with some hotels. You can even expect a daily housekeeping service from them. Aside from that, you’ll also feel secure while you sleep at night, as their accommodations are always provided with a 24-hour security watch. But that’s not all! They also offer complimentary access to their business centers, fitness gym (selected apartments only) and self-service laundry facilities. It’s all in one great package! So you can never go wrong with this kind of housing while in the city.

Photo by Prachanart Viriyaraks on Flickr

Photo by Prachanart Viriyaraks on Flickr

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