Kids and computers

Kids and computers

Nowadays, kids are so used to any type of electronic devices that very often they know more about them than the adults.

Kids as old as seven or eight sometimes even have a bit of trouble using a PC, because in the last three years the notebooks and smartphones have taken the bigger part of the computer devices market. In the next 10 years, the technology may develop so fast that completely different devices may replace smartphones or laptops.

Young people have  started using computers in almost every sphere of their lives. In these days, you can do most things like sending mail or paying bills using the computer connected to the internet.

Kids use libraries in the schools much less than they used too. Now all resources are available on the school website and after log in student can download every book she needs in electronic format.

To arrange visit to a doctor, it is just a matter of sending mail. Kids are doing their homework using the Internet resources rather than reading books and trying to finds something useful there. Thanks to the Internet, the process of studying has dramatically changed from exploring, where students had to dig a lot in the books to get any information, to recreating style that is mostly about copying the same information by many people.

Pros and cons

There are both advantages and disadvantages that concern using the computers and Internet by the kids. The Internet can help teach the creativity and the awareness of the world as a whole. Of course it depends on which purposes drive the young people to use the Net. If it is all about the Facebook and Instagram, few benefits are going to be taken by the users.

But if the kid wants to extend the knowledge and is interested in the newest information from all over the world, the Net is the perfect place to do it. Young people are also able to develop their creativity on the computers. There hundreds of educational games that are useful at school subject like math, physics, geography or art. As we can see, the Internet can support various dimensions of children’s developing process.

Are kids safe in the Net?

The chance to spend nice time and learn something through the Internet is one thing, the second is how to do it and be safe at the same time. There are many relatively obvious threats that are lurking in the Web like spyware and computer viruses. Those things can directly influence the computer devices whereas there are also some threats connected straight to the users, especially the kids.Vulgar content websites like pornographic or containing brutal videos may very badly influence the kids psyche.

To avoid problems with Internet safety, parents should think about protecting their children. This can can be done by proper education and implementing specialist software. Software that’s effective usually means parental controls and antivirus programs. Education should be started when children are very young. They should be totally aware of how the computer and Internet work.

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