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Planning the Ultimate European Ski Tour

It’s that time of year again; as the nights get longer and Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around again, your thoughts may be turning to winter holidays and the chance to experience the thrill of the mountains and the entertainment of après ski. While North America is home to some fantastic resorts, Europe is a particularly great destination for those looking to enjoy a spot of skiing or boarding, so why not take the opportunity to plan your ultimate ski tour this season?

Taking in the sights of Europe 

A ski or snowboard tour is a fantastic way of sampling everything that Europe has to offer, allowing you to experience the very best aspects from a range of different resorts. There are over 4,000 skiing areas in Europe, many of which are typically bigger than those found a little closer to home; you’re sure to find a thrill, no matter what your level of skill. Popular mountain ranges include the Pyrenees, the Alps and the Dolomites, with skiers and boarders flocking to Andorra, Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Finland, to name but a few.

If you’re planning on taking in several resorts or even countries, during your tour, it’s important to plan your transportation carefully. This will help to maximize the time you’re able to spend on the slopes, and lessen the stresses that can occur getting from place to place. Package holidays and tours tend to be a little more organized, but if you’re flying solo you should be aware of airport locations, departure and arrival times and transfer durations, as well as taking care to research car hire or public transport for getting around once you’re there. The great thing about skiing in Europe is that many of the resorts flow seamlessly into each other, which make it fairly easy to get from place to place without lengthy excursions.

Photo on Flickr by Ian Stannard

Photo on Flickr by Ian Stannard

Packing for your tour 

When it comes to planning a ski or snowboard tour, taking the correct clothing and equipment into consideration is essential; after all, your safety and enjoyment depend upon you being prepared. If you are hiring skis, boots, poles and specialist clothing once you get to the resort it can be a good idea to investigate rental options and the possibility of booking items before you head out. This can save a world of trouble at the start of your vacation and will avoid disappointment too. Hiring equipment also saves hassle when it comes to moving from place to place; with no bulky equipment to transport, you’ll be able to pick up and go with relative ease.

For the more seasoned skier or boarder, though, traveling with your own equipment also has its advantages; namely that your clothing and equipment will be tailored to your personal tastes. Ski and board length and the fit of your boots, is particularly important for safety reasons; ill-fitting clothing and equipment could spell disaster. For this reason it is important to properly research the options for carrying your own equipment and clothing with you on tour. Plenty of skiers and boarders travel with their own gear; it’s simply a matter of logistics. One thing is certain, though, it is essential to have quality, well maintained safety equipment with you, protecting you should you fall over or come into difficulty. Ski helmets in particular help you to be safe and look cool, with a range of designs on offer.

Taking in the sights of Europe on a ski or snowboarding tour can be an exciting and rewarding experience; with so much to see and do, you’ll perhaps struggle to fit everything in. It is important, therefore, to plan your adventure carefully, paying special attention to the logistics of reaching each destination, as well as the transportation of specialist equipment. As long as you are mindful of certain details, your trip is sure to be an exciting one.

Photo on Flickr by _dChris.

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