6 Great Australian Island Getaways

Koala on Magnetic Island by Teddy Fotiou on Flickr

When it comes to islands, Australia has you covered.

There are hundreds of places along the 25,000+ kilometers of Australian coastline where you can jump on a rig, catamaran or a sailboat and see the over 8000 islands that circle the giant island of Australia. From simple day trips to week long diving excursions there are vessels for every budget and an island for every taste. If you want to see an island in your own vehicle, there’s also ferry service to many of the bigger islands.

With that, here are six great Australian islands to visit the next time you’re down under.

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Photo Friday: The Pier at Magnetic Island

The Pier at Magnetic Island by TamsinSlater Flickr

Magnetic Island lies a short 8 km off Townsville’s shore in Cleveland Bay. The island is only  52 km², with slightly over 2,000 permanent residents.

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Photo Friday: Picnic Bay on Magnetic Island

Picnic Bay on Magnetic Island by BotheredByBees

Picnic Bay is on the south east corner of Magnetic Island. You can access Picnic Bay by Nelly Bay Road, either by car or the Magnetic Island Bus Service. (…)

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