Sand Giant in Blankenberge by Timitrius Flickr

Top 5 Unbelievable Travel Spots in Belgium

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In practice, Belgium is often associated with mighty castles and gorgeous cathedrals that have been standing since the Middle Ages period. However, the variety of sightseeing spots around is far bigger than it might seem at first. Ancient towns, old-fashioned architecture and fancies of national cuisine could be complemented with some out-of-ordinary places to visit.

The Whole World in Brussels

Mini Europe by William Murphy Flickrjpg

Mini Europe by William Murphy Flickr

For instance, in Brussels one can see all the highlights of the world architecture at one place, in particular, in Mini Europe Park. Big Ben, Eifel Tower, Acropolis, Venice and many others are preformed in lessened sizes, so they are perfectly accommodated on the area of 24 square meters. In fact, the park hosts 80 world cities and 350 buildings. Besides, observing the models of world-famous constructions, visitors might listen to essential sounds and watch related performances. Among the most adored, it is possible to look at Vesuvius eruption, tumbling down of the Berlin Wall, bullfighting in Seville, etc.

Noting Fine Sense of Humor

William Murphy

William Murphy by nic gaffney Flickr

Brussels is a city of funny monuments, which reflect citizens’ sophisticated sense of humor. In contrast to illustrious Manneken Pis, city visitors may also estimate the irony of the policeman monument called “De Vaartkapoen”, set in Molenbeek district in 1985. The sculptor Tom Frantzen created a funny scene, in which a young rioter shows up from a manhole just to knock down a policeman on the pavement; naturally, the scene symbolizes a possibility of power overthrow. It is interesting to know that Frantzen copied the policeman character of Hergé, famous Belgian cartoonist of the 20th century, and changed the number on policeman’s peak from 15 into 22. The irony is that 22 on French is a play upon words; it is translated as “watch out, here come the cops”.

Fairytale Castle To Live In

As it was mentioned, castles are quite traditional for Belgium. However, there is one that catches an eye with its fairy tale look. It is referred to Wijnendale castle in Bruges neighborhood. The stunning image of the castle is literally framed with a ring-shaped ditch of water. However, to watch s spectacular view of Wijnendale one should go up in the air, as the sight is in private ownership. The masters of the castle have been keeping privacy for about five generations, allowing to visit only left wing of the castle and its museum.

The Place To Shoot Horror Movies

The House of 1000 Spirits near Turnhout is often nicknamed “the hell restaurant”, so the title cannot but attract curious tourists. The café was abandoned in 2008 (opened in 1997), but its interior remains the same – creepy, mystifying and even sinister. The spine-chilling atmosphere literally scared away all the visitors, and today it is attended only by the bravest travelers. As time passed, new legends appeared about the housing, featuring ghosts’ presence and rites of the Satanists. Whether they’re true or not, the House of 1000 spirits is on the top among the creepy places in Belgium.

Sand Giants

Sand Giant in Blankenberge by Timitrius Flickr

Sand Giant in Blankenberge by Timitrius Flickr

Annually in summer Belgium hosts the largest festival in the world, which was confirmed by Guinness Book of World Records. It is a festival of sand sculptures, arranged on the seacoast of Blankenberge town. This year 150 giant sandy figures alerted an attention of thousands of famous sculptors, artists and commonplace tourists. Most of them were inspired by historic characters and cinematography heroes. And who will decorate Blankenberge beaches next year?

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