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Top tips to save money on your holiday in Europe

The world may be shrinking and the adventurous may be exploring more exotic destinations, but there is little doubt that Europe remains a favourite destination. According to a report in the Telegraph newspaper, for example, France remains the most visited tourist destination in the world – by an appreciable margin.

Whether you are headed off to such a centre of international tourism or exploring some of the many other highways and byways of Europe, you might still want to get the most from your holiday spending money by considering some of the following tips and suggestions:

Access your cash

  • something as apparently simple as getting your hands on your very own cash may prove confusing – and through the confusion, potentially expensive;
  • in its edition of the 23rd of May 2014, the Guardian newspaper published a number of tips about the use of your credit and debit cards abroad and offered a top ten list of the most competitively priced card issuers;

Exchange your cash

  • the same report also offered tips and suggestions about when and where to exchange your sterling for any local currency for use during your holiday;

When to go

  • with its diversity of cultures and landscapes, it seems that there is always somewhere interesting and relaxing to go in Europe whatever the time of year;
  • prices – for everything from accommodation, to the food you might eat, to local entertainment – may vary quite considerably from one season to the next;
  • it might make sense, therefore, to time your visits to particularly popular tourist resorts when it is less crowded – and less expensive;

Getting about

  • Europe may not be the biggest continent in the world, but you are still likely to need to get out and about during your holiday;
  • one of the most convenient ways of doing this is likely to be a hire car;
  • whilst the convenience is more or less universal, however, the price you pay may vary considerably – and not just in the rental in you are paying for the car;
  • for insurance – and excess insurance in particular – you may need to pay a hefty daily surcharge to the rental company;
  • alternatively, you may arrange your car hire excess insurance in Europe before you set out, through a UK-based, specialist provider – and invariably find yourself paying considerably less;

Travelling on a budget

  • some money saving tips may be more obvious than others;
  • from Budget Traveller, for instance, is the suggestion that you make the local tourist information office one of your first stops;
  • not only is this likely to help you make the most of even the shortest of visits but may also be the source for free maps, guides and suggestions for things to do and see;
  • a number of favourite European destinations these days offer free tours, but even where these may not be available, it is generally possible to buy daily or weekly passes to a selection of different attractions;
  • eating out may prove one of the areas in which visitors pay over the odds, but following the locals and eating where they prefer to eat may prove the best value for money – when in Rome, eat like the Romans!

There is a huge diversity of places to visit and things to do on a European holiday. So that your holiday does not end up breaking the bank there is – thankfully – an equally wide range of methods for saving money on those things you like to do and see.

Photo by 401(K) 2012 on Flickr

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