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Travel Solo – But Not Alone

Travelling solo can be bliss.

You get to see what you want, when you want and the way you want. You can eat wherever you fancy, dress like you see fit and either stay locked up in your hotel room or meander at midnight. Travelling solo is the ultimate freedom you can have to explore unknown terrain, grow as an individual and have delightful memories of trips you can cherish for life. We completely recommend travelling solo!

What we hate though is people travelling alone. Unless you’re on your way to nirvana or in search of the Ultimate Truth or something similar, why wouldn’t you want to be surrounded with friends or a party? Travelling solo gives you plenty of opportunities to connect with people across the globe, get to know folk you wouldn’t have met otherwise and forge bonds with people from diverse ethos.

Intrigued? You should be! Check our time-tested tips on how you can travel solo, form new connections and enrich your voyage in ways you never thought possible.

Look out for people who’ve been there – and done that.

You can connect with fellow tourists before you even get to your destination. Look up prominent travellers on social media, read a few blogs written exclusively about the location you are planning to visit. Ask a few friends if they know someone in the country you’re heading to. This way, you get a chance to interact with people even before you leave home, which is fantastic.

Choose a hotel that is warm and friendly.

It could be a B&B with no plush amenities. So what? You’re bound to make friends in your hotel and perhaps, do some sightseeing together. Moreover, do not neglect home-stays that are ubiquitous around the world. You might want to get exotic presents for your hosts from home and enjoy a wonderful vacation in their place.

To blend in, try cooking food the local way and indulging in a few local favourites, no matter how weird you feel they are. Another great tip is to stay in an airport hotel the night before you travel. No stress and worry about being late for your flight the next day. I’ve stayed in many Dublin Airport hotels from Holiday Extras and had a fantastic experience. Who knew airport hotels could be so luxurious?

Walking tours are a fabulous idea to meet new travellers.

Join a walking tour of the city. Not only is this a wonderful way to get some refreshing exercise but you are also bound to meet with a lot of travellers from different places around the world. Share a cup of coffee, go on shopping trips together and we’re sure you’re going to head back home as back-slapping buddies.

Browse the local newspapers for activities and concerts.

Clubs, NGOs and other non-profit organizations love the idea of volunteers from various parts of the world. You might want to browse through the local newspaper for listings, activities and advertisements put up by eminent societies seeking volunteers. If you get hold of one such event, wear your best outfit and leave with a broad smile on your face. You have a huge chance of making new friends.

Voyagers are voyagers wherever they are headed, and you have a great chance of meeting up with intrepid travellers like you abroad and forging friendships for life. Who knows? You may even want to take vacations together or fall in love and get married to a fellow traveller.

Like we said – travel solo but never alone!

Photo by Nicholas A. Tonelli on Flickr.

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  1. Brittany says:

    Never thought of doing a walking tour. I will be going on my first solo trip to Montreal in April. I am super nervous but thanks for the tips.